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Athlete Career Programme Florence Gravellier story

Florence Gravellier


Florence Gravellier © • Adecco

Florence Gravellier – Sponsoring & Public Relations manager – and Paralympic medal-winner

Florence Gravellier was a wheelchair Paralympic athlete and double bronze medallist at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games. When she finished her sports career in 2008, she needed a new challenge and found it at Adecco Groupe France’s ‘Skills & Disability’ Programme. Three years later, she is now responsible for Sponsorship and Public Relations at Adecco France, a position she reached thanks to her in-depth knowledge of the sports environment, event management but also to her ability to connect people.

“People do not define me as a former athlete or Paralympian anymore. I have become part of the mainstream workforce and I am glad to be recognized for my professional qualities and skills. Of course, I still dip into my sports experience to find solutions to some professional issues but not more than someone would refer to previous professional experiences. This is what inclusion is all about, being accepted and playing a part, no matter who you are or where you come from.“

“The strong personal and professional values Florence holds, in combination with her elite sports background, were and are still of great value for the projects of Adecco she is involved in. Florence shows tenacity, courage, commitment in everything she does, and she has a sense for winning and leadership, fairness and open-mindedness as well as humility… These skills and traits are key for a company to develop its footprint in any topic or market. I can say that it revamps the same values in her team and closest contacts!”

- Gabrielle Mendes, Marketing Director Adecco Groupe France

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