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Results Archive - Barcelona 1992 - Athletics


Host City Barcelona, Spain
Events 214
Countries 75
Participants 928 (723 men and 205 women) Show Participants
Medalstandings Show medalstandings

Medal Standings

United States of America flag
40 25 31
Spain flag
22 14 12
Germany flag
20 19 24
Canada flag
16 15 15
Great Britain flag
15 20 16
Australia flag
13 15 12
11 10 7
People's Republic of China flag
8 4 3
Switzerland flag
6 12 7
France flag
6 7 5

Events and Medallists

Men's 100 m B1
Men's 100 m B2
Men's 100 m B3
Men's 100 m C3-4
Men's 100 m C5
Men's 100 m C6
Men's 100 m C7
Men's 100 m C8
Men's 100 m TS1
Men's 100 m TS2
Men's 100 m TS4
Men's 100 m TW1
Men's 100 m TW2
Men's 100 m TW3
Men's 100 m TW4
Men's 200 m B1
Men's 200 m B2
Men's 200 m B3
Men's 200 m C3-4
Men's 200 m C5-6
Men's 200 m C7
Men's 200 m C8
Men's 200 m TS1
Men's 200 m TS2
Men's 200 m TS3
Men's 200 m TS4
Men's 200 m TW1
Men's 200 m TW2
Men's 200 m TW3
Men's 200 m TW4
Men's 400 m B1
Men's 400 m B2
Men's 400 m B3
Men's 400 m C3-4
Men's 400 m C6
Men's 400 m C7
Men's 400 m C8
Men's 400 m TS2
Men's 400 m TS3
Men's 400 m TS4
Men's 400 m TW1
Men's 400 m TW2
Men's 400 m TW3
Men's 400 m TW4
Men's 800 m B1
Men's 800 m B2
Men's 800 m B3
Men's 800 m C3-4
Men's 800 m C7-8
Men's 800 m TS4
Men's 800 m TW1
Men's 800 m TW2
Men's 800 m TW3
Men's 800 m TW4
Men's 1500 m B1
Men's 1500 m B2
Men's 1500 m B3
Men's 1500 m C7-8
Men's 1500 m TS4
Men's 1500 m TW1
Men's 1500 m TW2
Men's 1500 m TW3-4
Men's 5000 m B1
Men's 5000 m B2
Men's 5000 m B3
Men's 5000 m C5>8
Men's 5000 m TS4
Men's 5000 m TW1
Men's 5000 m TW2
Men's 5000 m TW3-4
Men's 10000 m TS4
Men's 10000 m TW3-4
Men's Club Throw C6
Men's Discus Throw B1
Men's Discus Throw B2
Men's Discus Throw B3
Men's Discus Throw C5
Men's Discus Throw C7
Men's Discus Throw THS2
Men's Discus Throw THS3
Men's Discus Throw THS4
Men's Discus Throw THW2-3
Men's Discus Throw THW4
Men's Discus Throw THW5
Men's Discus Throw THW6
Men's Discus Throw THW7
Men's High Jump B2
Men's High Jump B3
Men's High Jump J1
Men's High Jump J2
Men's High Jump J4
Men's Javelin B1
Men's Javelin B2
Men's Javelin B3
Men's Javelin C5
Men's Javelin C6
Men's Javelin C7
Men's Javelin THS2
Men's Javelin THS3
Men's Javelin THS4
Men's Javelin THW2
Men's Javelin THW3
Men's Javelin THW4
Men's Javelin THW5
Men's Javelin THW6
Men's Javelin THW7
Men's Long Jump B1
Men's Long Jump B2
Men's Long Jump B3
Men's Long Jump C7-8
Men's Long Jump J1
Men's Long Jump J2
Men's Long Jump J4
Men's Marathon B1
Men's Marathon B2
Men's Marathon B3
Men's Marathon TW1
Men's Marathon TW2
Men's Marathon TW3-4
Men's Pentathlon B1
Men's Pentathlon B2
Men's Pentathlon PS3
Men's Pentathlon PS4
Men's Pentathlon PW3-4
Men's 4x100 m B1>B3
Men's 4x100 m C5>8
Men's 4x100 m TS2,4
Men's 4x100 m TW1-2
Men's 4x100 m TW3-4
Men's 4x400 m B1>B3
Men's 4x400 m TW1-2
Men's 4x400 m TW3-4
Men's Shot Put B1
Men's Shot Put B2
Men's Shot Put B3
Men's Shot Put C3-4
Men's Shot Put C5
Men's Shot Put C6
Men's Shot Put C7
Men's Shot Put THS2
Men's Shot Put THS3
Men's Shot Put THS4
Men's Shot Put THW2
Men's Shot Put THW3
Men's Shot Put THW4
Men's Shot Put THW5
Men's Shot Put THW6
Men's Shot Put THW7
Men's Triple Jump B1
Men's Triple Jump B2
Men's Triple Jump B3
Men's Triple Jump J3-4
Women's 100 m B1
Women's 100 m B2
Women's 100 m B3
Women's 100 m C5-6
Women's 100 m C7-8
Women's 100 m TS4
Women's 100 m TW2
Women's 100 m TW3
Women's 100 m TW4
Women's 200 m B1
Women's 200 m B2
Women's 200 m B3
Women's 200 m C7-8
Women's 200 m TS4
Women's 200 m TW2
Women's 200 m TW3
Women's 200 m TW4
Women's 400 m B1
Women's 400 m B2
Women's 400 m B3
Women's 400 m C7-8
Women's 400 m TW2
Women's 400 m TW3
Women's 400 m TW4
Women's 800 m B1
Women's 800 m B2
Women's 800 m TW2
Women's 800 m TW3
Women's 800 m TW4
Women's 1500 m B1
Women's 1500 m B2
Women's 1500 m TW3-4
Women's 3000 m B1
Women's 3000 m B2
Women's 5000 m TW3-4
Women's 10000 m TW3-4
Women's Discus Throw B1
Women's Discus Throw B2
Women's Discus Throw B3
Women's Discus Throw C5>8
Women's Discus Throw THS2
Women's Discus Throw THW4
Women's Discus Throw THW5
Women's Discus Throw THW7
Women's Javelin B1>3
Women's Javelin C5>8
Women's Javelin THS2
Women's Javelin THW5
Women's Javelin THW7
Women's Long Jump B1
Women's Long Jump B2
Women's Long Jump B3
Women's Marathon TW3-4
Women's Pentathlon B3
Women's Pentathlon PW3-4
Women's 4x100 m TW3-4
Women's Shot Put B1
Women's Shot Put B2
Women's Shot Put C5>8
Women's Shot Put THS2
Women's Shot Put THW5
Women's Shot Put THW7