Jack-Daniel Peters

Alpine Skiing


Impairment information

Type of Impairment
Limb deficiency
Origin of Impairment

Further personal information

Partner Fran Henzell
London, ENG
Accountant, Athlete
Higher education
Finance, Management - Northumbria University: Newcastle, ENG

Sport specific information

When and where did you begin this sport?
He took up ski racing at age 12, a year before his illness. Soon after the amputation of his leg he began to teach himself to ski on one leg with outriggers.
Why this sport?
He enjoyed skiing and rugby at a young age, and aspired to become a professional skier before his diagnosis at age 13. After his amputation he wanted to return to the sport as soon as possible.

General interest

Travelling, meeting new people, mountain biking, snowboarding. (burntcustard.com, 2016)
Sporting philosophy / motto
"I live to ski and push myself to the limits." (Instagram profile, 30 Sep 2017)
Other sports
He has played football for Newcastle United Amputees in England. (Facebook page, 24 Jun 2020)
Famous relatives
His younger sister Emma has competed in freestyle skiing at international level, and represented Great Britain in the ski cross event at the 2019 World Championships in Park City, UT, United States of America. (teambss.org.uk, 29 Feb 2016; thenorthernecho.co.uk, 06 Sep 2014; SportsDeskOnline, 03 Feb 2021)
At age 13 he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma [bone cancer] in his right lower leg. After chemotherapy and several operations, he chose to have his lower leg amputated at age 20 because of chronic pain. (Facebook page, 24 Jan 2016; thenorthernecho.co.uk, 06 Sep 2014; chroniclelive.co.uk, 25 Nov 2008)