29425-James Luetchford photo

James Luetchford

Alpine Skiing


Impairment information

Type of Impairment
Vision impairment
Origin of Impairment
Alice Luetchford [wife]

Further personal information

Wife Alice
London, ENG
Shop Assistant

Sport specific information

When and where did you begin this sport?
He first tried the sport on a skiing holiday in Andorra with his wife Alice in 2015. The person who ran the ski school they were attending was also qualified in visually impaired skiing, and recommended he contact Disability Snowsport UK. He followed this advice and began skiing once a month.
Why this sport?
He was inspired to try skiing by his wife Alice, and soon after he took up the sport he was invited to attend a talent identification day by GB Para Snowsport. "Alice is super keen on skiing, and she's really good. When I first met her she said she liked skiing and scuba diving. Well, I can't see the fish, so that's a bit pointless, so I thought I'd give skiing a try."
Training Regime
During the northern hemisphere summer, he and his guide Alice travel to train on glaciers in continental Europe one week per month.

International debut

Competing for
Great Britain

General interest

Memorable sporting achievement
Becoming British champion in slalom and giant slalom in 2017, qualifying for the Europa Cup, and winning the slalom event at an International Paralympic Committee [IPC] competition in 2017 in Rinn, Austria. (, 07 Dec 2018)
Hero / Idol
British tennis player Andy Murray. (, 22 Sep 2020)
Sporting philosophy / motto
"My development as an athlete has had huge benefits on my mental health and well-being. I have gained self-confidence from learning just how hard I can push myself physically and mentally, and seeing the improved results that this brings." (, 07 Dec 2018)
Famous relatives
His wife Alice is also his guide. (Facebook page, 11 Oct 2020)
To compete at the 2022 Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing. (, 07 Dec 2018)
He was born with rod-cone dystrophy. He was not diagnosed with the condition until age 28, on the day before he was due to get married. (Facebook page, 20 Jan 2019; Dulwich Diverter, 04 Nov 2016)
Other information
Having gained a degree in education and worked as a primary school teacher, he retrained and completed a degree in economics at the School of African and Oriental Studies [SOAS] in London, England. (, 09 Nov 2018)

He and his wife Alice have worked as impact measurement consultants in the voluntary sector, helping charities to create and maximise their social impact. He has also worked as a night shift trading assistant at a supermarket in Surbiton, England. (Facebook page, 08 Sep 2021;, 09 Nov 2018)