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Maria Mercedes Mejias Tenes



Impairment information

Origin of Impairment

Further personal information

Husband Lorenzo, two children.
Villamantilla, ESP
Athlete, Cleaner

Sport specific information

When and where did you begin this sport?
She took up Para sport at age 47 in 2017.
Why this sport?
She began the sport after her diagnosis in 2016. "I used to train when I was young, and I always thought I was strong. In 2016 I saw the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro on television, and I discovered Para powerlifting. At age 47 I said, 'Why not try it?'"
Name of coach
Fermin Gijon [personal], ESP
Training Regime
She trains two hours a day.

General interest

Memorable sporting achievement
Becoming an athlete and breaking Spanish records. (, 12 Apr 2019)
Superstitions / Rituals / Beliefs
At competitions she always wears a t-shirt with the signatures of the pupils from the school she works at. "This t-shirt gives me a lot of energy. When I am on the bench the bar goes up by itself." (YouTube profile, 12 Apr 2019)
Sporting philosophy / motto
"Never give up." (YouTube profile, 12 Apr 2019)
To compete at the Paralympic Games. (YouTube profile, 12 Apr 2019)
In 2016 she was diagnosed with myopathy, a muscular disease. "I lack mobility and I used to need help almost for everything. Now I can move more, although I can barely walk barefoot. I do not know how long my feet will last, every day they become more deteriorated, but I am ready for everything." (YouTube channel, 02 May 2019;, 12 Apr 2019)
Other information
She works as a cleaner at a school in Villamantilla, Spain. (YouTube profile, 12 Apr 2019)