'Feel the Rush' is Back

The Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) has recently announced the return of the successful “Feel the Rush” campaign. The original launch occurred in 2006 and was met with much success and progress for the Movement. 10 Apr 2008 By IPC

“Feel the Rush 2008” is a campaign celebrating Paralympic sport to inspire all Canadians with a physical disability to ‘feel the rush’ of confidence and empowerment that comes with enjoying sport at all levels. “Feel the Rush” wants to inspire and inform about sport possibilities for persons with a disability.

Of course the obvious and most telling inspirational results come in the form of increased support in Canada retaining its top medal winning position at future Paralympic Games.

The website for the campaign is offering promotional items like posters, DVDs and banners free of charge, in the goal to reach as many of the 3.6 million Canadians living with a disability as possible.

For more information, please visit www.feeltherush.ca.