Goalball seeks gender equality

First women’s Super-European League to be formed 29 Jan 2019
a female goalball player makes a save on the ground

Women's goalball teams will contest a European league for the first time in 2019

ⒸKarl Nilsson

The first European league for women’s club goalball will make its debut this year, with teams being invited to apply for entry before 8 February. The competition, which will be called the Super European Goalball League (SEGL), will take place in Lisbon, Portugal from 22-24 March.

Until this year only a men’s SEGL existed, but the European Goalball Club Association (EGCA) has decided to create a women’s league to ensure equality for all.

Marcia Ferreira, Executive Director of EGCA, said: “The Super European Women's Goalball League is indeed something great for the sport and may be the key to more women playing goalball, new clubs being born and this sport growing in the female gender.

“We have to be aware that when we launch something new there is always the risk of success, but EGCA is prepared to deal with it. It has been gratifying work that has developed in just six months and when people say that we are working well, we launch another project, another idea.”

Ferreira believes that it is important for the EGCA to continue to push for more:

“We do not sit idly by and we do not settle for what exists. I know this is only the first step, we have a long and hard road ahead, but we want this path to be done with the women of goalball as well, so it will be easier.

“For the fantastic players playing in Europe by their national teams, it is time to represent their clubs, or not, as it happens in men, to represent clubs from other countries or even other continents.

“What I can guarantee is that we are preparing a fantastic event that will make Europe proud of goalball.

“And whoever thinks that women will have a different treatment in relation to male SEGL, is mistaken, equality is done with actions and not with words and that is what we are doing.

EGCA has already done its part, it is time for female players to take their place in this sport.”