IPC CEO meets German Parliamentary State Secretary Ulrich Kelber

Xavier Gonzalez and Ulrich Kelber discussed how the relationship of the IPC, the city of Bonn and the federal government can be strengthened. 30 Apr 2015
A picture of two men standing side by side.

IPC CEO Xavier Gonzalez meeting German Member of Parliament Ulrich Kelber.


International Paralympic Committee (IPC) CEO Xavier Gonzalez met Ulrich Kelber, Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection of Germany, on Wednesday (29 April) to share ideas how the relationship between the IPC, the city of Bonn, the state of North Rhine Westfalia and the federal government of Germany can be strengthened.

Kelber, a long-time Member of Parliament and resident of Bonn, visited the IPC headquarters in to discuss how awareness of the IPC as global governing body of the Paralympic Movement can be improved in its home city and throughout Germany. Gonzalez and Kelber also talked about the positive effects the IPC’s presence in Bonn can have for a more inclusive society.

Xavier Gonzalez said: “After 15 years in Bonn, the IPC would like to explore reinvigorating the partnership with the city of Bonn, North Rhine Westfalia and Germany to further expand our presence in Bonn.”

The IPC was founded on 22 September 1989 in Dusseldorf, Germany, and opened its headquarters in Bonn in 1999. Since then the number of staff working for the IPC has grown from three to over 70 in 2015.