IPC, Sport Singapore announce partnership

The partnership will help establish an education framework to develop Para sports in the region. 23 Nov 2016
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The International Paralympic Committee partners with Sport Singapore to enhance Para sport capabilities in Southeast Asia


Sport Singapore (SportSG) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) have announced a partnership aimed to boost the capabilities and the professionalism of Para sport in Singapore and the region. An education framework to develop Paralympic coaching and other Para sport technical capabilities will be established under the Singapore Sports Institute’s (SSI) coaching development programme in the next two years.

SportSG and the IPC will be conducting courses related to different topics such as coaching, technical officiating and classification in IPC Sports as well as creating awareness for the Paralympic Movement and National Paralympic Committee (NPC) management programmes.

The partnership was launched with an Educator training programme, taught by one of the most experienced Trainers of the World Academy of Sport (WAoS), the IPC’s education partner. During this four-day programme, five Singaporean coaches learned how to pass knowledge to other coaches interested in Para sport. Following the educator programme, two IPC Introduction to Para Sport Coaching Courses were delivered by the newly trained educators. Fifty participants from Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia participated in the two-day course to learn more about coaching Para athletes. The topics covered include an introduction to the Paralympic Movement, IPC classification, sport psychosocial aspects, anatomy, skill development and communication.

Riding on the momentum of the 8th ASEAN Para Games that saw a record number of athletes from Singapore, and three Paralympic medals Singaporean athletes won during the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, the collaboration between SportSG and the IPC is yet another commitment to the recommendations put forth in the Disability Sports Master Plan for Singapore.

Through these programmes, SportSG hopes to expand access and opportunities for sport participation amongst persons with disabilities, and to develop organisational and professional capabilities in the community of coaches for people of all abilities.

The IPC is looking forward to a successful partnership and learning from SportSG and its knowledge of the culture in the region.

Mr. Troy Engle, Director of Coach Development of the Singapore Sports Institute said: “The 8th ASEAN Para Games and Team Singapore’s recent successes at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games have significantly increased public awareness of Paralympic sport and moreover have led to heightened interest in sporting activities for all persons in Singapore. We have seen a significant increase in demand among our coaches and sports professionals for information and development opportunities to support those working with persons with disabilities. We are very happy that this partnership with the IPC to develop Para sport, in both Singapore and the region, has come at the right time for us to support and develop our coaches and will provide increased opportunity for interested people to learn and be a part of our Para sport expansion.”

Ryan Montgomery, IPC Summer Sports Director said: “As the global governing body of the Paralympic Movement we are delighted to establish this partnership with Sport Singapore and share our expertise in sports technical, Paralympic awareness and NPC management education. We are convinced that SportSG will be a true leader in developing IPC Sports and NPCs in Asia, with a focus on the Southeast Asian region, and are looking forward to the many successful programmes to come.”

Coaches interested in Para sport can find out more on upcoming courses in early 2017 by emailing Info_ParaSports@sport.gov.sg