Just 10 days left to have your say on Classification Code

Comments on the new Classification Code, due for publication in 2017, welcomed by 30 October. 20 Oct 2014
Classification assessment

Monday (20 October) marked just 10 days until the close of the consultation period for stakeholders from around the Paralympic Movement to have their say on the draft of the new International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Classification Code.

The deadline for feedback is 30 October.

The revised Code, due for release in 2017, was developed from a first period of consultation during 2013 which gathered responses from around the Paralympic Movement on the existing version of the Code.

Peter Van de Vliet, IPC Medical and Scientific Director, said: “We have received a good response so far from a wide range of stakeholders but are still encouraging those with an active interest and knowledge of classification in para-sport to give us their feedback on the new Classification Code. Every comment we receive will be carefully considered.

“This new Code must provide a framework for Paralympic classification for the next decade, in a fast changing environment with increased professionalism from athletes.

“As Anne Hart, the IPC’s Classification Committee Chairperson has already said, classification is crucial to ensuring fair and equal competition and it is important we gather as wide range of views as possible.”

The most significant changes included in the draft 2017 Classification Code include:

• Ensuring the Code is athlete-centred

• Expanding on the definition and scope of Paralympic classification

• Providing a long-term objective

• Simplifying the language used

• Amendments to where and when classification takes place

• Amendments to the role of the IPC, National Paralympic Committees and International and National Federations

Together with the Code, the IPC also welcomes feedback on the revised International Standards. The International Standards provide the technical and operational requirements for classification across Paralympic sports, and have been amended to reflect changes in the Code.

Following the closing date of the second round of consultation (30 October 2014), a revised draft of the 2017 Code will be submitted to the IPC Governing Board for approval.

This version will then be published for a final round of consultation and feedback bought together to create the third draft, which will be submitted to the IPC Governing Board in June 2015. If approved this will be presented to the IPC General Assembly in November 2015 to approve the 2017 Code for use in Paralympic sport.

For the latest updates on the IPC Classification Code Review process and detail how to contribute to the review process, please visit the IPC Classification website.

The current IPC Classification Code was adopted by the IPC General Assembly in 2007 and provides policies and procedures for Paralympic classification that should be common to all sports and to the Paralympic Games.