Nine Iranian athletes climb Damavand Mountain for IPC25

The climbers, made up of people with varying impairments, climbed to the 5,671m high summit in celebration of the IPC’s 25th anniversary. 26 Sep 2014
Iranian athletes at Damavand Mountain

Iranian athletes climbed Damavand Mountain to celebrate the IPC’s 25th anniversary.


Nine athletes have reached the 5,671m high summit of the Damavand Mountain in Tehran, Iran, to mark the 25-year anniversary of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

Arranged by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Paralympic Committee, the climbing athletes were made up of people with visual impairment, amputees, and cerebral palsy.

The climbers had to deal with autumn’s cold and windy weather, but only stopped to rest for one night when they reached 4,250m.

Upon reaching the summit, the athletes held a special ceremony to unveil a flag celebrating 25 years of the IPC.

Whilst upon the ‘Roof of Iran’, as the mountain is also referred to, the athletes also sent a congratulatory message to respected guests and IPC members who will attend the IPC Gathering in Berlin on Friday (3 October).

Ali Rabiei, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, will also present the flag of the Damavand Mountain climbing to the IPC at the Incheon 2014 Asian Para Games in October.