Para taekwondo to reward spin kicks

Addition of 4-point technique aims to “dazzle and excite.” 10 Aug 2017
Lisa Gjessing - Taekwondo

Lisa Gjessing is one of the sport's superstars ahead of Tokyo 2020

ⒸWorld Taekwondo Federation
By Lee Reaney, World Taekwondo and IPC

World Taekwondo (WT) has added a new four-point technique for spin kicks, following July’s WT General Assembly. The additional point for the exciting and difficult move aims to make Para taekwondo more entertaining and television-friendly, as well as follow the competition rules for the Olympic counterparts.

Article 13.3.3 of the Para taekwondo competition rules now reads that “Four (4) points [will be] awarded for a valid spinning technique to the trunk protector.”

Earlier spinning techniques were counted under turning techniques that are worth three points. Now WT differentiates between turning and spinning techniques, with the latter awarding four points.

A demonstration of the new four-point spinning technique can be viewed on YouTube.

The rule change comes as part of a package of changes to poomsae, Para taekwondo and Olympic taekwondo to increase excitement.

“The new rules will facilitate competitions to be much more dynamic and exciting,” said WT President Chungwon Choue, adding that he hopes to see taekwondo “dazzle and excite” audiences.

The new four-point technique has Para taekwondo athletes buzzing.

Danish world champion Lisa Gjessing hopes the additional incentive for spin kicks will make the sport more fun and spectator-friendly. She notes that the athletes will also enjoy the change.

“I will definitely train more in spinning kicks,” Gjessing said. “Luckily it is also fun to train in those kicks.”