Rolf Peter Falkenhain



Impairment information

Type of Impairment
Limb deficiency

Sport specific information

Club / Team
BS Opladen: Germany

General interest

Memorable sporting achievement
"The European championships in Brussels in 1986 where I became triple European champion. This of course was a major success. I won the javelin, the shot put and the discus events. And that is a very rare occurrence." (, 09 Jul 2012)
In 1998 he tore one of his biceps. It took him a year to recover from the injury. (, 09 Jul 2012)
Other information
When he was 18 he was on his way home from a party and tried to board a train that had already departed. He fell off and was run over by the train. As a result of the accident both his legs were amputated. “I was a proud two meters tall, and then suddenly only three feet tall." (, 28 Feb 2012)

He initially had trouble accepting his disability and attempted suicide twice. The first time by jumping out of the hospital window, and the second by ingesting pills. But he says that now he is thankful that he is still alive. "If you're at the bottom, at the lowest point, then you have to stay there, endure, and perhaps you will find strength, where you can pull yourself up again." (, 28 Feb 2012)