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Salt Lake City, UT, USA

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“I had a few good people pushing me to take my boarding to the next level. I love to snowboard so I did. For me, snowboarding means an escape. It’s stress relief, exercise and a confidence booster.”
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Team Utah: United States

General interest

To study business at Utah State and improve his snowboard skills. (, 01 Nov 2013;, 14 Aug 2014)
While serving in the US military in Afghanistan in July 2011 he stepped on an improvised explosive device. He lost his left leg, suffered a broken right leg, two broken fingers, a shattered pelvis and sustained various soft-tissue and internal injuries. After initial rehab at Walter Reed Medical Center, he was released five months later. (, 30 Jun 2013;, 18 Dec 2011; deseretnews, 18 Dec 2011)
Other information
He has volunteered for the US Army’s Service Dog Training Program, which he credits with helping him rehabilitate physically and mental from his injuriesy. "You’re secluded in your room a lot [after an injury]. When I started [working with dogs], I was really unsure about it, I was really nervous about doing anything." But he says it is rewarding knowing that the dogs he works with will one day help wounded veterans like himself. “That’s definitely something I think about all the time, it’s something productive and helpful that I’m doing, helping these dogs who in turn will help somebody else." (, 29 May 2013)