22142-Veronika Aigner photo

Veronika Aigner

Alpine Skiing


Impairment information

Type of Impairment
Vision impairment
Origin of Impairment
Elisabeth Aigner [sister]

Further personal information

Gloggnitz, AUT

Sport specific information

When and where did you begin this sport?
She first tried skiing at age 22 months, and began competing in Para alpine skiing by age nine. At first she skied without a guide, but as her eyesight deteriorated, she turned to her sisters for help. "One problem was my eyes, the other was my speed. As a result, I no longer recognised the gates when they came. After several failures, I noticed that a guide had a lot of positive things to offer me. I could ski faster. I wouldn't crash into people anymore and it was much more fun to ski in pairs."
Why this sport?
Her parents' passion for alpine skiing meant she and her four siblings were all introduced to the sport at an early age. "I was very excited about skiing and always had fun with it. I wanted to be on the skis all the time. Little by little I got better and better, and I started racing."
Club / Team
WSV Semmering: Austria
Name of coach
Markus Gutenbrunner [national], AUT

General interest

Vroni (Facebook profile, 29 Aug 2021)
Horse riding, cycling, running, unicycling. (, 27 Jun 2020;, 15 Nov 2017)
Most influential person in career
Her parents. (, 27 Jun 2020)
She sustained a cruciate knee ligament injury and a meniscus [knee] tear on both legs in a January 2021 training fall. (, 23 Sep 2021;, 02 Feb 2021)

She suffered an injury in January 2020. (, 27 Jun 2020)
Sporting philosophy / motto
"My weakness is my strength." (, 15 Nov 2017)
Awards and honours
She was named 2020 Female Para Athlete of the Year at the Sporthilfe Gala in Austria. (, 11 Nov 2020)

She was named the 2016 Junior Athlete of the Year by the Austrian Disabled Sport Association [OBSV]. (, 2017)

She and her guides Irmgard Aigner and Elisabeth Aigner were named the 2015 Team of the Year in Neunkirchen, Austria. (, 01 Feb 2016)

She was named the 2014 Young Female Athlete of the Year by the OBSV. (, 29 Apr 2016)
Famous relatives
Her twin siblings Barbara and Johannes have also represented Austria in Para alpine skiing. (, 01 Jul 2020;, 10 Mar 2020; SportsDeskOnline, 01 Nov 2020)
To compete at the 2022 Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing. (Athlete, 18 Jan 2019)
She was born with cataracts, which means she has significantly reduced vision. (, 18 Jun 2015;, 28 Mar 2015)
Other information
She is one of five Aigner siblings, all of whom have been involved in skiing. Veronika, and twins Barbara and Johannes all have visual impairments, like their mother Petra. Her other siblings, sisters Elisabeth and Irmgard, do not have visual impairments, and have both served as Veronika's guide. She teamed up with Elisabeth as her guide at the 2019 World Cup event in Zagreb, Croatia. "It is very relaxed between me and Lisi and if something should not fit, we tell it to ourselves. We talk about problems together or what worries us. But in general, we are a very well-coordinated team and we will not separate so quickly." (, 27 Jun 2020)