Agitos Foundation "Escuala Deportiva Paralimpica" (Paralympic Sport School)

The Paralympic Sport School brings athletes together for coaching for three days a week. Athletes then practice what they have learnt and coaches from their municipalities follow up.
The project has been funded by the Agitos Foundation's 2013 Grant Support Project.
Through the Grant Support Programme (GSP), the Agitos Foundation makes funding available for IPC member organisations to develop para-sports across the world.
The first call for applications took place in July 2013. In total, thirty-five projects were approved to receive a grant, with a total amount of EUR 650,000 allocated.

The Agitos Foundation is the leading global organisation developing sport activities for people with an impairment as a tool for changing lives and contributing to an inclusive society for all.
Its vision is to lead the Paralympic Movement's aspiration of driving change towards an inclusive society.
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