Women's long jump T20 | final | 2015 IPC Athletics World Championships Doha

Gold: Karolina KUCHARCZYK (POL)
Silver: Mikela RISTOSKI (CRO)
Bronze: Olena ROZDOBUDKO (UKR)

Start list:

1. Karolina KUCHARCZYK (POL)
2. Mikela RISTOSKI (CRO)
4. Kristina MINAKOVA (RUS)
5. Claudia SANTOS (POR)
6. Siti Noor Iasah MOHAMAD ARIFFIN (MAS)
7. Cecilia TERUZZI (ARG)
8. Piroska CSONTOS (HUN)
9. Aleksandra RUCHKINA (RUS)
10. Ana FILIPE (POR)
11. Stephanie YDSTROM (SWE)
12. Tereza TITEROVA (CZE)
13. Norkelys GONZALES (VEN)
14. Man YU Ka (MAC)
15. Erica GOMES (POR)

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The 2015 IPC Athletics World Championships in Doha, Qatar, will be one of the last major competitions ahead of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. Being held between 21-31 October, the competition will feature around 1,300 athletes from almost 100 countries and will take place in the 12,000 capacity Qatar Sports Club’s - Suhaim Bin Hamad stadium.