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Alexander Makarov



Further personal information

English, Russian
Higher education
Sport Studies - Siberian State University of Physical Education and Sport: Omsk, RUS

Sport specific information

When and where did you begin this sport?
He began the sport at age 12 in Omsk, Russian Federation.
Why this sport?
His grandmother took him to a swimming pool.

International debut

Competing for
European Championships
Eindhoven, NED

General interest

Watching ice hockey and mixed martial arts. (Athlete, 15 Aug 2019)
Memorable sporting achievement
Winning three gold medals at the 2019 World Championships in London, England. (Athlete, 25 Feb 2020)
Hero / Idol
US swimmer Michael Phelps. (Athlete, 02 Apr 2015)
Sporting philosophy / motto
"Swimming for me is more than the meaning of my life." (, 14 Sep 2019)
Awards and honours
In 2020 he received the title of Honoured Master of Sport in the Russian Federation. (, 19 Oct 2020)

In 2013 he was presented with the World of Open Doors prize from the governor of Omsk, Russian Federation. (, 18 Jun 2013)


Unit Date Rank
2015 IPC Swimming World Championships (Glasgow, Great Britain)
Event Medal Unit Date Rank
Men's 200 m Freestyle S3 Heat 1 2015-07-13 2
Men's 200 m Freestyle S3 Final 1 2015-07-13 2
Men's 50 m Freestyle S3 Heat 2 2015-07-16 4
Men's 50 m Freestyle S3 Final 1 2015-07-16 7
Men's 50 m Backstroke S3 Heat 2 2015-07-18 2
Men's 50 m Backstroke S3 Final 1 2015-07-18 3