Athletes – check out #ProudParalympian at Rio 2016!

Located in the Athlete Dining Hall, there will be lots of activities and giveaways for all athletes at the Paralympic Games. 04 Sep 2016
“Proud Paralympian” education programme will be launched in Dubai, UAE

“Proud Paralympian” education programme will be launched in Dubai, UAE


The Rio 2016 Paralympic Games are an exciting time for you as an athlete.

Not only is it the climax of years of hard work and dedication, it is also a chance for you to meet people from all over the world and find out more about the Movement that you are at the centre of – the Paralympic Movement.

The 5 September will mark a special landmark in the history of the Paralympic Games.

In the main dining hall in the Athletes’ Village the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) will be relaunching Proud Paralympian, helping you to reach your best on and off the field of play.

What is Proud Paralympian?

You have already reached the pinnacle of any Para athlete’s career by reaching the Paralympic Games. But do you know about the history of Paralympic Movement, its values and mission?

Do you live those values by saying no to doping, respecting the rules and your opponents, being a role model for others and taking part in the democracy of the Movement?

Do you know what you want to do after you finish competing, and share your life and journey as a Paralympian by using social media and finding ways to talk about your experiences with others?

Proud Paralympian will help you to understand how you can do all this and more.

What is going on at Rio 2016?

From 5 September you will be able to find the Proud Paralympian space in the Athlete Dining Hall.

Here you can have your face on the cover of The Paralympian magazine and share it on social media using #ProudParalympian.

There will be games like giant Jenga, and a place for you to share your favourite memories or motivations for being a Para athlete.

The Proud Paralympian space is also where you can find out more and vote for your top six candidates for election to the IPC Athletes’ Council, which is the group of athletes who represent you within the Paralympic Movement.

And there will be a chance for you to meet your idols such as Brazilian former wheelchair tennis player Samanta Bullock and Polish alpine skier Piotr Marek, Japanese Nordic skier Miki Mathseon, US swimmer Illeana Rodriguez and Mexican alpine skier Arly Velasquez.

Finally there will be lots of free things for you to take away to remember your experiences of Proud Paralympian and Rio 2016 by.

Most materials will be available in multiple languages and there will be volunteers and staff to help with any questions.

When is everything happening?

Proud Paralympian will be launched on 5 September. You will be able to access the space from then until 16 September, between 9am-9pm every day.

Voting for the Athletes’ Council election will also be available during these days and times.

You can also follow Proud Paralympian on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at any time and change your profile picture to show that you are a #ProudParalympian.