Igniting your energy within

In honour of BP’s Partner Takeover Day, we want to know your favourite BP Film 28 Nov 2019
BP Takeover Day

At BP, we believe the human spirit is the most powerful energy of all. The courage to achieve what matters most and be the very best you can be. It’s what drives all Para athletes to go further and overcome every challenge in their path.

We’ve compiled a few of our favourite stories and want to know which film is your favourite. Head over to the Paralympics social media accounts and homepage to vote for what ignites your fire before the end of the day.

Discover what ignited these athletes’ energy within and be inspired to find yours at bp.com/energywithin.

Lionheart: Igniting the Energy Within Richard Whitehead


Rise: Igniting the Energy Within Aya Abbas


Fearless: Igniting the Energy Within David Behre


Irreversible: Igniting the Energy Within Irma Khetsuriani


My Disability is Not a Super Power: Igniting the Energy Within Tatyana McFadden