Jacopo Luchini: 3 things off the snow

From football to fishing, find out what else the Italian enjoys off his snowboard. 29 Aug 2017
Three male snowboarders on the podium

Mike Minor, Maxime Montaggioni, Jacopo Luchini (R) win gold, silver and bronze respectively in snowboard-cross SB-UL at the 2017 World Championships in Big White, Canada.

ⒸGavin Crawford

Para snowboarder Jacopo Luchini is one of Italy's podium hopefuls ahead of PyeongChang 2018.

But when the 26-year-old isn't training, he is still on a board. Just not on the snow.

Find out what else the 2017 World Championships bronze medallist enjoys doing in his free time:

1. “I love football, so when I can go, I go to watch the team which is in my heart, Fiorentina.”

2. "I’m passionate about other sports like skateboarding and surfing, and I can easily go to the skate park or to the beach to just have fun. Anything that is done on a board makes me 'go crazy,; from snowboarding to surfing, and I have so much fun.”

3. “Ever since I was young, besides football and swimming, my father always took me for archery or fishing, so every now and then, when we are both free, we go to the lakes and rivers to fish, or to the woods where there are some targets for archery.”