Reinhold Schett: My three heroes

With the start of the snowboard season looming, the Austrian revealed which three people inspire him. 28 Sep 2016
Chris Vos, Reinhold Schett and Mike Schultz

Chris Vos, Reinhold Schett and Mike Schultz at the IPC Snowboard Europa Cup in Landgraaf, the Netherlands.

ⒸNederlandse Ski Vereniging
By By Giuseppe Di Florio | For the IPC

"He taught me that there is always a way even if you think it’s not possible anymore."

Austrian snowboarder Reinhold Schett had a great season in 2015-2016. He claimed his first World Cup victory in the men’s SB-LL1 over Dutch world champion Chris Vos and finished second overall in the men's snowboard-cross SB-LL1.

Schett gave us his three heroes and why each of them means so much to him, ahead of the start of the snowboard season in November.

My father

“This may sound a bit strange, however he taught me that there is always a way even if you think it’s not possible anymore. And I also learned from him that you have to keep your mind positive. Sure there are situations which are causing problems. But after solving them you have learned to prevent these problems in the future. So I like his support and I’m always happy to see him.”

Stefan Gimpl

Schett’s compatriot Gimpel is the only athlete who has won at Air & Style three times in a row.

“Before I had my accident I was watching the Air & Style in Innsbruck. It was the first time Stefan Gimpl won the Air & Style and the first time ever the competition was won by an Austrian rider. I was so impressed by his jumps and atmosphere in the stadium. This was the moment I decided I wanted to get better in snowboarding and jumping and I started to participate in some smaller “Big Air” events.”

Many others from all areas of my life

“I would say I was lucky to meet a lot of persons in my life who inspired me in different ways. Those persons are from all areas like school, sports, friends and family. From each of them I learned how to be satisfied and how to take your chances when you are getting them.”

The opening Para Snowboard Europa Cup takes place in Landgraaf, the Netherlands, on 16 November, swiftly followed by the first World Cup from 17-18 November. Both competitions will be in banked slalom.

The season also features the 2017 World Para Snowboard Championships in Big White, Canada, from 2-7 February, with medals on offer in snowboard-cross head-to-head and banked slalom.