The Paralympic Movement must use its global position and influence, together with its events and activities, to challenge the stigma attached to disability, empower social transformation and make for a more inclusive society for all.

Girls read I'mPOSSIBLE education programme materials


Aimed at young people, the International Paralympic Committee has a toolkit of resources for teachers to engage future generations in the history, Para sports and values of the Paralympic Movement, to make for an inclusive society for all.

I’mPOSSIBLE is a global Paralympic education programme, developed by the IPC to spread the Paralympic values and the vision of the Paralympic Movement to young people throughout the world. The programme is designed for teachers to use with learners aged 6-18. It provides a range of easy-to-use lesson ideas introducing learners to inclusion through the Paralympic values, Para sports and the inspirational achievements of Para athletes from around the world. I’mPOSSIBLE is also taken into consideration the Paralympic education for a host country of next Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The IPC provides the core toolkit and supporting resources to implementers, including National Paralympic Committees, to activate I’mPOSSIBLE in their territory. The I’mPOSSIBLE Global Instructors have been trained in collaboration with the IPC Academy to support implementers to kick off the programme through delivering initial I’mPOSSIBLE Teacher Training.

I’mPOSSIBLE aims also contribute to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal, not only the Goal 4 “Quality Education” but can be an impactful tool to achieve all the SDGs. It is also one of key factors to actualise the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

For more details, please check the I’mPOSSIBLE official website or send an email to i-am-possible@agitosfoundation.org.

Sport Values Education Partnership

The IPC has joined forces with UNESCO, the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE), the International Fair Play Committee (IFPC), the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

This Education Partnership aims to embed sports values across school-based curricula. 

In the context of this Partnership, a “Sport values in every classroom: teaching respect, equity and inclusion to 8-12 year-old students” toolkit for teachers was developed.

Its mission is to assist teachers in their work to instil in children the values of respect, equity and inclusion through engaging activities.

Toolkit - Sport values in every classroom - English

Toolkit - Sport values in every classroom - Spanish

Toolkit - Sport values in every classroom - French