APC satisfied with Santiago 2023 progress amid ‘difficult circumstances’

Virtual presentations made by Organising Committee reaffirm commitment to Parapan delivery 23 Apr 2021
Santiago 2023 CoCom
ⒸSantiago 2023

Preparations for the Santiago 2023 Parapan American Games have been keeping up to pace despite the ongoing COVID-19 situation as the third Coordination Commission virtual meetings wrapped up.

The Organising Committee presented their latest advances across several key areas to Americas Paralympic Committee (APC), International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and Chilean Paralympic Committee (CPC) representatives between 21-22 April.

Discussions were conducted online and covered a wide range of topics including accessible venue design, finance, sports, plans for the Athletes’ Village, NPC Services, broadcasting, commercial, marketing, brand and communications.

APC President Julio César Ávila said: “These are difficult times we are living in, but Santiago 2023's continued progress despite the difficulties has been a constant reassurance of commitment to host a successful Parapan American Games.

“After so much struggle, we need the Parapan American Games, an event that will see all Americas nations celebrating together and showing what they are capable of.”

Santiago 2023 CEO Felipe De Pablo added: “We are proud to share the progress that has been made thanks to teamwork between the Sports Ministry (MINDEP), National Sports Institute (IND) and Santiago 2023. We fulfilled the agreements made in our last meeting, and we have announced great news, such as the incorporation of sponsors and the steps made for the construction of the Pan American and Parapan American Village."

IPC Project Lead for the Parapan Games Jürgen Padberg said: “The team in Santiago is moving ahead with great energy and conviction despite the difficult circumstances during the global health crisis. I would like to congratulate everyone for their excellent work and for two days of really fruitful meetings! We continue to collaborate with our colleagues in Santiago across all Functional Areas and have agreed on a large number of follow-up items which we will tackle together over the coming weeks.

“The IPC is encouraged by the accelerating progress in many areas such as the competition venues and the Athletes’ Village, but also by the Organising Committee’s community outreach to the people of Chile whom our Para athletes will amaze and inspire in November 2023.”