Citi, an international partner of the International Paralympic Committee through to 2020, began its relationship with the Paralympic movement in 2012 when it sponsored the US Olympic Committee. Since that time, Citi has supported eight US Paralympians and has donated more than USD 100,000 to US Paralympic sport programmes. In 2018, Citi served as a sponsor of the IWRF Wheelchair Rugby World Championship in Australia, World Para Swimming Allianz European Championships in Ireland and the Asian Para Games in Indonesia.

In addition to partnering with the IPC, Citi is also partnering with National Paralympic Committees (NPCs) across four continents.

Citi is inspired by the strength and perseverance of Paralympic athletes across the globe. Their tenacity and determination has allowed them to achieve the world’s most elite level of sporting excellence. The IPC’s full-fledged support of these athletes reflects Citi’s passion and commitment to fostering a more diverse and inclusive society. Through combined efforts with the IPC, Citi is committed to normalising disabilities and ensuring a future of greater equality and public support for the movement around the world.