Paralympic Games
17 - 29 June
Logo Stoke Mandeville, UK & New York, USA, 1984
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Stoke Mandeville & New York 1984


Host City Stoke Mandeville (GBR), New York (USA), Great Britain
Events 449
Countries 51
Participants 1198 (885 men and 313 women) Show Participants
Medalstandings Show medalstandings

Medal Standings

United States of America flag
76 83 74
Great Britain flag
63 53 45
Canada flag
49 31 31
35 34 39
Sweden flag
30 13 7
Poland flag
17 22 13
Australia flag
17 19 22
Belgium flag
17 14 5
Switzerland flag
15 10 7
Ireland flag
13 11 24

Events and Medallists

Men's 100 m 1A
Men's 100 m 1B
Men's 100 m 1C
Men's 100 m A1-3
Men's 100 m A4
Men's 100 m A5
Men's 100 m A6
Men's 100 m B1
Men's 100 m B2
Men's 100 m B3
Men's 100 m C4
Men's 100 m C5
Men's 100 m C7
Men's 100 m C8
Men's 100 m L2
Men's 100 m L3
Men's 100 m L5
Men's 100 m L6
Men's 100 m 2
Men's 100 m 3
Men's 100 m 4
Men's 100 m 5
Men's 200 m 1A
Men's 200 m 1B
Men's 200 m 1C
Men's 200 m C2
Men's 200 m C3
Men's 200 m C7
Men's 200 m C8
Men's 200 m 2
Men's 200 m 3
Men's 200 m 4
Men's 200 m 5
Men's 400 m 1A
Men's 400 m 1B
Men's 400 m 1C
Men's 400 m A1-3
Men's 400 m A4
Men's 400 m A5
Men's 400 m A6
Men's 400 m B1
Men's 400 m B2
Men's 400 m B3
Men's 400 m C4
Men's 400 m C6
Men's 400 m C7
Men's 400 m L2
Men's 400 m L3
Men's 400 m L4
Men's 400 m L6
Men's 400 m 2
Men's 400 m 3
Men's 400 m 4
Men's 400 m 5
Men's 800 m 1A
Men's 800 m 1B
Men's 800 m 1C
Men's 800 m A1-3
Men's 800 m B1
Men's 800 m B2
Men's 800 m B3
Men's 800 m C4
Men's 800 m C8
Men's 800 m L3
Men's 800 m 2
Men's 800 m 3
Men's 800 m 4
Men's 800 m 5
Men's 1500 m A5
Men's 1500 m A6
Men's 1500 m B1
Men's 1500 m B2
Men's 1500 m B3
Men's 1500 m L6
Men's 1500 m 2
Men's 1500 m 3
Men's 1500 m 4
Men's 1500 m 5
Men's 5000 m A5
Men's 5000 m A6
Men's 5000 m B1
Men's 5000 m B2
Men's 5000 m B3
Men's 5000 m 2
Men's 5000 m 3
Men's 5000 m 4
Men's 5000 m 5
Men's 20 m (Arm) C2
Men's 60 m C2
Men's 60 m C3
Men's 60 m C6
Men's 60 m L1
Men's Cross Country 1000 m C6
Men's Cross Country 1500 m C7
Men's Cross Country 1500 m C8
Men's Club Throw 1A
Men's Club Throw C2
Men's Club Throw C3
Men's Club Throw C4
Men's Club Throw C5
Men's Club Throw C6
Men's Club Throw L1
Men's Discus Throw 1C
Men's Discus Throw A1
Men's Discus Throw A2
Men's Discus Throw A3
Men's Discus Throw A4
Men's Discus Throw A6-8
Men's Discus Throw A9
Men's Discus Throw B1
Men's Discus Throw B2
Men's Discus Throw B3
Men's Discus Throw C3
Men's Discus Throw C4
Men's Discus Throw C5
Men's Discus Throw C6
Men's Discus Throw C7
Men's Discus Throw C8
Men's Discus Throw L1
Men's Discus Throw L2
Men's Discus Throw L3
Men's Discus Throw L4
Men's Discus Throw L5
Men's Discus Throw L6
Men's Discus Throw 2
Men's Discus Throw 3
Men's Discus Throw 4
Men's Discus Throw 5
Men's Discus Throw 6
Men's Distance Throw C1
Men's Distance Throw C2
Men's High Jump A2
Men's High Jump A3
Men's High Jump A4
Men's High Jump A5
Men's High Jump A6
Men's High Jump B1
Men's High Jump B2
Men's High Jump B3
Men's Javelin 1B
Men's Javelin 1C
Men's Javelin A1
Men's Javelin A2
Men's Javelin A3
Men's Javelin A4
Men's Javelin A6-8
Men's Javelin A9
Men's Javelin B1
Men's Javelin B2
Men's Javelin B3
Men's Javelin C3
Men's Javelin C4
Men's Javelin C5
Men's Javelin C6
Men's Javelin C7
Men's Javelin C8
Men's Javelin L3
Men's Javelin L5
Men's Javelin L6
Men's Javelin 2
Men's Javelin 3
Men's Javelin 4
Men's Javelin 5
Men's Javelin 6
Men's King of the Straight - 100 m 1A-6
Men's Long Jump A2
Men's Long Jump A3
Men's Long Jump A4
Men's Long Jump A5
Men's Long Jump A6
Men's Long Jump B1
Men's Long Jump B2
Men's Long Jump B3
Men's Long Jump C7
Men's Long Jump C8
Men's Marathon 1A
Men's Marathon 1B
Men's Marathon 1C
Men's Marathon 2
Men's Marathon 3
Men's Marathon 4
Men's Marathon 5
Men's Medicine Ball Thrust C2
Men's Pentathlon 1A
Men's Pentathlon 1B
Men's Pentathlon 1C
Men's Pentathlon B1
Men's Pentathlon B2
Men's Pentathlon B3
Men's Pentathlon 2
Men's Pentathlon 3
Men's Pentathlon 4
Men's Pentathlon 5
Men's Pentathlon 6
Men's Precision Throw C1
Men's 4x100 m 1A-1C
United States of America flag
United States of America
Australia flag
Men's 4x100 m A4-9
Australia flag
Poland flag
United States of America flag
United States of America
Men's 4x100 m C4
Canada flag
Great Britain flag
Great Britain
Men's 4x100 m C7-8
Great Britain flag
Great Britain
Portugal flag
Ireland flag
Men's 4x100 m 2-5
Belgium flag
United States of America flag
United States of America
Sweden flag
Men's 4x200 m 1A-1C
Canada flag
Australia flag
Men's 4x200 m 2-5
Belgium flag
Canada flag
West Germany flag
FR Germany
Men's 4x400 m A4-9
Poland flag
Australia flag
Austria flag
Men's 4x400 m 2-5
Belgium flag
Canada flag
Australia flag
Men's Shot Put 1A
Men's Shot Put 1B
Men's Shot Put 1C
Men's Shot Put A1
Men's Shot Put A2
Men's Shot Put A3
Men's Shot Put A4
Men's Shot Put A6-8
Men's Shot Put A9
Men's Shot Put B1
Men's Shot Put B2
Men's Shot Put B3
Men's Shot Put C2
Men's Shot Put C3
Men's Shot Put C4
Men's Shot Put C5
Men's Shot Put C6
Men's Shot Put C7
Men's Shot Put C8
Men's Shot Put L1
Men's Shot Put L2
Men's Shot Put L3
Men's Shot Put L4
Men's Shot Put L5
Men's Shot Put L6
Men's Shot Put 2
Men's Shot Put 3
Men's Shot Put 4
Men's Shot Put 5
Men's Shot Put 6
Men's Slalom 1A
Men's Slalom 1B
Men's Slalom 1C
Men's Slalom C1
Men's Slalom C2
Men's Slalom C3
Men's Slalom C4
Men's Slalom 2
Men's Slalom 3
Men's Slalom 4
Men's Slalom 5
Men's Slalom (Leg) C2
Men's Triple Jump A5
Men's Triple Jump A6
Men's Triple Jump B1
Men's Triple Jump B2
Men's Triple Jump B3
Women's 100 m 1A
Women's 100 m 1B
Women's 100 m 1C
Women's 100 m A4
Women's 100 m A6
Women's 100 m B1
Women's 100 m B2
Women's 100 m B3
Women's 100 m C4
Women's 100 m C5
Women's 100 m C7
Women's 100 m C8
Women's 100 m L2
Women's 100 m L3
Women's 100 m 2
Women's 100 m 3
Women's 100 m 4
Women's 100 m 5
Women's 200 m 1A
Women's 200 m 1B
Women's 200 m 1C
Women's 200 m A1-3
Women's 200 m C2
Women's 200 m C3
Women's 200 m C6
Women's 200 m C7
Women's 200 m C8
Women's 200 m 2
Women's 200 m 3
Women's 200 m 4
Women's 200 m 5
Women's 400 m 1A
Women's 400 m 1B
Women's 400 m 1C
Women's 400 m A4
Women's 400 m B1
Women's 400 m B2
Women's 400 m B3
Women's 400 m C4
Women's 400 m C7
Women's 400 m C8
Women's 400 m L2
Women's 400 m 2
Women's 400 m 3
Women's 400 m 4
Women's 400 m 5
Women's 800 m 1A
Women's 800 m 1C
Women's 800 m A6
Women's 800 m B1
Women's 800 m B2
Women's 800 m B3
Women's 800 m C4
Women's 800 m 2
Women's 800 m 3
Women's 800 m 4
Women's 800 m 5
Women's 1500 m B1
Women's 1500 m B2
Women's 1500 m B3
Women's 1500 m 2
Women's 1500 m 3
Women's 1500 m 4
Women's 1500 m 5
Women's 3000 m B1
Women's 3000 m B2
Women's 3000 m B3
Women's 5000 m 2
Women's 5000 m 3
Women's 5000 m 4
Women's 5000 m 5
Women's 20 m (Arm) C2
Women's 60 m A1-3
Women's 60 m C2
Women's 60 m C3
Women's 60 m C6
Women's Cross Country 1000 m C6
Women's Cross Country 1000 m C7
Women's Cross Country 1000 m C8
Women's Club Throw C2
Women's Club Throw C3
Women's Club Throw C4
Women's Club Throw C5
Women's Club Throw C6
Women's Club Throw L1
Women's Discus Throw 1B
Women's Discus Throw 1C
Women's Discus Throw A1
Women's Discus Throw A2
Women's Discus Throw A4
Women's Discus Throw A6
Women's Discus Throw B1
Women's Discus Throw B2
Women's Discus Throw B3
Women's Discus Throw C3
Women's Discus Throw C4
Women's Discus Throw C5
Women's Discus Throw C6
Women's Discus Throw C7
Women's Discus Throw C8
Women's Discus Throw L2
Women's Discus Throw L3
Women's Discus Throw L5
Women's Discus Throw L6
Women's Discus Throw 2
Women's Discus Throw 3
Women's Discus Throw 4
Women's Discus Throw 5
Women's Discus Throw 6
Women's Distance Throw C1
Women's Distance Throw C2
Women's High Jump A6
Women's High Jump B1
Women's High Jump B2
Women's High Jump B3
Women's Javelin 1B
Women's Javelin 1C
Women's Javelin A1
Women's Javelin A2
Women's Javelin A4
Women's Javelin A6
Women's Javelin B1
Women's Javelin B2
Women's Javelin B3
Women's Javelin C3
Women's Javelin C4
Women's Javelin C5
Women's Javelin C6
Women's Javelin C7
Women's Javelin C8
Women's Javelin L2
Women's Javelin L3
Women's Javelin L5
Women's Javelin 2
Women's Javelin 3
Women's Javelin 4
Women's Javelin 5
Women's Long Jump A2
Women's Long Jump A6
Women's Long Jump B1
Women's Long Jump B2
Women's Long Jump B3
Women's Long Jump C7
Women's Long Jump C8
Women's Marathon 2
Women's Marathon 3
Women's Marathon 4
Women's Marathon 5
Women's Medicine Ball Thrust C2
Women's Pentathlon B1
Women's Pentathlon B2
Women's Pentathlon B3
Women's Pentathlon 2
Women's Pentathlon 3
Women's Pentathlon 4
Women's Pentathlon 5
Women's Pentathlon 6
Women's Precision Throw C1
Women's Queen of the Straight - 100 m 1A-6
Women's 4x100 m 2-5
Canada flag
United States of America flag
United States of America
Hong Kong, China flag
Hong Kong
Women's 4x200 m 2-5
United States of America flag
United States of America
Hong Kong, China flag
Hong Kong
Women's 4x400 m 2-5
Hong Kong, China flag
Hong Kong
United States of America flag
United States of America
Women's Shot Put 1A
Women's Shot Put 1B
Women's Shot Put 1C
Women's Shot Put A1
Women's Shot Put A2
Women's Shot Put A4
Women's Shot Put A6
Women's Shot Put B1
Women's Shot Put B2
Women's Shot Put B3
Women's Shot Put C2
Women's Shot Put C3
Women's Shot Put C4
Women's Shot Put C5
Women's Shot Put C6
Women's Shot Put C7
Women's Shot Put C8
Women's Shot Put L2
Women's Shot Put L3
Women's Shot Put L5
Women's Shot Put 2
Women's Shot Put 3
Women's Shot Put 4
Women's Shot Put 5
Women's Slalom 1B
Women's Slalom 1C
Women's Slalom C1
Women's Slalom C2
Women's Slalom C3
Women's Slalom C4
Women's Slalom 2
Women's Slalom 3
Women's Slalom 4
Women's Slalom 5
Women's Slalom (Leg) C2
Mixed 3x60 m C2-3
United States of America flag
United States of America
Canada flag
Great Britain flag
Great Britain