Paralympic Games
24 August - 5 September 2021
An artist's impression of how the Tokyo 2020 national stadium will look
the official emblem of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

Results Archive - Tokyo 2020


Host City Tokyo, Japan
Dates 27 - 05 September 2021
Events 167
Countries 155
Participants 1142 (653 men and 489 women) Show Participants
Medalstandings Show medalstandings

Medal Standings

People's Republic of China flag
29 14 13
12 14 15
United States of America flag
10 17 14
Brazil flag
9 11 12
Great Britain flag
9 5 10
Switzerland flag
7 3 2
Cuba flag
7 1 1
Ukraine flag
6 18 3
Islamic Republic of Iran flag
5 6 0
Spain flag
5 4 1

Events and Medallists

Men's 100 m T11
Men's 100 m T12
Men's 100 m T13
Men's 100 m T33
Men's 100 m T34
Men's 100 m T35
Men's 100 m T36
Men's 100 m T37
Men's 100 m T38
Men's 100 m T47
Men's 100 m T51
Men's 100 m T52
Men's 100 m T53
Men's 100 m T54
Men's 100 m T63
Men's 100 m T64
Men's 200 m T35
Men's 200 m T37
Men's 200 m T51
Men's 200 m T61
Men's 200 m T64
Men's 400 m T11
Men's 400 m T12
Men's 400 m T13
Men's 400 m T20
Men's 400 m T36
Men's 400 m T37
Men's 400 m T38
Men's 400 m T47
Men's 400 m T52
Men's 400 m T53
Men's 400 m T54
Men's 400 m T62
Men's 800 m T34
Men's 800 m T53
Men's 800 m T54
Men's 1500 m T11
Men's 1500 m T13
Men's 1500 m T20
Men's 1500 m T38
Men's 1500 m T46
Men's 1500 m T52
Men's 1500 m T54
Men's 5000 m T11
Men's 5000 m T13
Men's 5000 m T54
Men's Club Throw F32
Men's Club Throw F51
Men's Discus Throw F11
Men's Discus Throw F37
Men's Discus Throw F52
Men's Discus Throw F56
Men's Discus Throw F64
Men's High Jump T47
Men's High Jump T63
Men's High Jump T64
Men's Javelin F13
Men's Javelin F34
Men's Javelin F38
Men's Javelin F41
Men's Javelin F46
Men's Javelin F54
Men's Javelin F57
Men's Javelin F64
Men's Long Jump T11
Men's Long Jump T12
Men's Long Jump T13
Men's Long Jump T20
Men's Long Jump T36
Men's Long Jump T37
Men's Long Jump T38
Men's Long Jump T47
Men's Long Jump T63
Men's Long Jump T64
Men's Marathon T12
Men's Marathon T46
Men's Marathon T54
Men's Shot Put F11
Men's Shot Put F12
Men's Shot Put F20
Men's Shot Put F32
Men's Shot Put F33
Men's Shot Put F34
Men's Shot Put F35
Men's Shot Put F36
Men's Shot Put F37
Men's Shot Put F40
Men's Shot Put F41
Men's Shot Put F46
Men's Shot Put F53
Men's Shot Put F55
Men's Shot Put F57
Men's Shot Put F63
Women's 100 m T11
Women's 100 m T12
Women's 100 m T13
Women's 100 m T34
Women's 100 m T35
Women's 100 m T36
Women's 100 m T37
Women's 100 m T38
Women's 100 m T47
Women's 100 m T53
Women's 100 m T54
Women's 100 m T63
Women's 100 m T64
Women's 200 m T11
Women's 200 m T12
Women's 200 m T35
Women's 200 m T36
Women's 200 m T37
Women's 200 m T47
Women's 200 m T64
Women's 400 m T11
Women's 400 m T12
Women's 400 m T13
Women's 400 m T20
Women's 400 m T37
Women's 400 m T38
Women's 400 m T47
Women's 400 m T53
Women's 400 m T54
Women's 800 m T34
Women's 800 m T53
Women's 800 m T54
Women's 1500 m T11
Women's 1500 m T13
Women's 1500 m T20
Women's 1500 m T54
Women's 5000 m T54
Women's Club Throw F32
Women's Club Throw F51
Women's Discus Throw F11
Women's Discus Throw F38
Women's Discus Throw F41
Women's Discus Throw F53
Women's Discus Throw F55
Women's Discus Throw F57
Women's Discus Throw F64
Women's Javelin F13
Women's Javelin F34
Women's Javelin F46
Women's Javelin F54
Women's Javelin F56
Women's Long Jump T11
Women's Long Jump T12
Women's Long Jump T20
Women's Long Jump T37
Women's Long Jump T38
Women's Long Jump T47
Women's Long Jump T63
Women's Long Jump T64
Women's Marathon T12
Women's Marathon T54
Women's Shot Put F12
Women's Shot Put F20
Women's Shot Put F32
Women's Shot Put F33
Women's Shot Put F34
Women's Shot Put F35
Women's Shot Put F36
Women's Shot Put F37
Women's Shot Put F40
Women's Shot Put F41
Women's Shot Put F54
Women's Shot Put F57
4x100 m Universal Relay